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Bubble Defense

Our contribution to tower defense genre

We've always wanted to create a tower defense game.  There is something about building a field of towers and then watching you creation destroy waves after waves of poor defenseless creeps.  So here comes our contribution to this popular genre.

Even if you're a seasoned veteran of tower defense, our game has some surprises in store for you.  We designed new types of towers and enemies that you've (hopefully) never seen before.  We put together seven maps (more to come in the next version) and five levels of difficulty to keep you adequately challenged no matter what your experience is.

The game has been released for BlackBerry Storm, Bold (9000), Curve (8900 and 8300 series), Tour (9630) and 8800 series.  The Android version is published by Awesome Android Apps.

Gameplay preview:


Where to get Bubble Defdense:

Download free demo: for Storm, for Bold/Curve 8900/Tour, for 8300 and 8800
Buy the full version from Mobihand.
Buy the full version from BlackBerry AppWorld.
Buy the full version from Android Market.