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Bubble Army

Addictive RTS game for BlackBerry Storm

UPDATE: Bubble Army 2.0 has been published. New features include multiple AI players, custom games where one or more AI players can be on your side, ability to replay the last battle (for those aiming for the perfect score).  And yes, finally you will be able to reset the score :)

IMPORTANT: The "campaign" mode is disabled after you've won 300 battles.  Version 2.0 inherits the score from version 1.0.  You might have to reset the score in order to play in the campaign mode.

Bubble Army originally evolved from a BlackBerry port of our Archipelago game.  While rewriting parts of the game code, we decided to change the graphics as well.  Instead of the Second World War theme of Archipelago, we created a set of colorful bubbles and modified the menu and the stats screen to give them a more cheerful look.


[screenshots/bubble-army/screenshot-1-200h.png] [screenshots/bubble-army/screenshot-2-200h.png] [screenshots/bubble-army/screenshot-3-200h.png]

The game was very well received by the player community.  Here are some of the comments from the BlackBerry AppWorld:

Bubble Army is both challenging and entertaining.  It's simple yet involves a good amount of thinking to play.  5 stars all the way!
I am so addicted to this game I need to find my local Bubble Army Anonymous and go to meetings.  Works flawlessly on Storm.

Get it at BlackBerry App World

Alternatively, you can get the full version from Mobihand.